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satellite monitoring,
analysis and management of transport
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SCOUT Group of Companies summarized the results of 2015

During the past year, the aggregate revenue of SCOUT has increased by 53%. The main factor of growth was the development of new opportunities for customers and partners. The greatest demand received: cloud system of satellite monitoring «SCOUT-365», fuel level sensor PetrolX and project development of software and hardware. For a year, the number of companies using SCOUT software and hardware has increased by 1955, reaching 9923.

Complex solutions from the developer of the software and equipment

SCOUT Group of companies - manufacturer of all System SCOUT components

Absolute products compatibility = stable work of the system

Implementation and maintenance services

Free tuition for all users

5-Year Hardware Warranty

Modern monitoring modules and fuel level sensors

High level of reliability and protection from external influences

Inability of sabotage by drivers

Installation on any type of vehicles and machinery

Five-year warranty period

Unified standards of implementation and service around Russia

150 certified partners in all regions of the Russian Federation

Professional installation and support of System SCOUT

General regulations of the service based on the SLA standards

Timely and quality services in any region

Experience of monitoring systems implementation – 10 years

On the market of satellite monitoring of transport since 2005

More than 8,000 customers from various economics sectors

In the top three leaders among the developers, vendors and integrators of vehicle tracking systems

Included in the top 10 IT-companies of "Rating of the best employers of Russia" by the HH.ru

150 employees

Industry and specialized solutions

5 main industry solutions for fleets of any type

Ability to choose the most appropriate monitoring and analytics tools

Customized solutions development on request

Maximum compliance with your business objectives

System SCOUT - the equipment, software implementation, development and maintenance services


MT series modules of satellite transport monitoring from SCOUT Group of companies own production:

  • the warranty period - 5 years;
  • compliance with the order №285 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation;
  • ability to select equipment for your needs;
  • transport control with the following options: current location, fuel consumption and indication of fuel level sensors, mileage control, speed control, route history and notifications about safe driving style violations.

* System SCOUT supports the most common on the market third-party equipment. You can use the previously installed equipment in conjunction with our software.


We offer software product "SCOUT Platform". It has advantages for different companies.

Using our product, you get the opportunity:

  • to control vehicles and operation of machinery in real time;
  • to collect data from transport monitoring system with delay no more than 10 seconds for moving transport and 5 minutes when the transport in downtime;
  • to use really convenient interfaces for effective dispatcher and chief work;
  • to develop your vehicle tracking system for new tasks of your business.


Implementation, development, warranty and service of the satellite monitoring system maintained by more than 145 organizations in all regions of Russia and CIS countries.

For all Customers and Partners our company conducts regular technical and sales training. Thus, all users have the ability to use vehicle tracking system more effectively in their business.

Implementation of System SCOUT will let you:

  • to reduce fuel costs by 20%-40%;
  • to reduce mileage by 10%-40%;
  • to reduce the cost of fleet maintenance by 20-50%.

The payback period of the System SCOUT is, on average, from 3 to 6 months for freight transport and from 4 to 9 months for the automobile transport, what confirmed by numerous reviews.