SCOUT - fleet tracking and analytics

SCOUT is a technological leader in the fleet tracking and management industry.Company is established in 2005 by professionals with extensive experience in the transport and telecommunications industries.

SCOUT performs a full cycle of works on development, production, sales and implementation of solutions for GPS monitoring and controlling of all types of vehicles and machinery.

The structure of the SCOUT group of companies includes software development, hardware manufacturing, sales and technical support units.

Fleet management and tracking solutions to tackle common industry challenges

Transportation and logistics
agricultural companies
warehouse logistics
oil and gas companies
construction companies
manufacturing and trading enterprises

Using the System SCOUT you will be able

to improve the efficiency of logistics services

to improve the discipline of employees

to eliminate non-target voyages, mileage addition and downtime

to track the actual flow of fuel and prevent fuel fraud

to minimize the risks of vehicles theft and cargo pilferage

to reduce the level of accidents and increase the safety of personnel



Fuel level sensor PETROLX

• Error < 0.5%, 

• Certificate of measuring instrument, 

• Digital and analog interfaces, 

• Degree of protection IP69K, 

• Setup and diagnostics via the Internet,

• 5 years warranty.


Customization capabilities to meet your specific needs, from security to fuel management.


GLONASS/GPS monitoring devices MT-8xx are being installed on transport. Additional sensors of fuel level and consumption, working hours, mounted equipment condition and others may be connected to modules depending on your needs. The data from modules transmits to server, where it is processed at «SCOUT-Platform» software. System SCOUT users can view this data both on desktop computers and mobile devices online.

As a result of equipping the fleet with satellite monitoring system companies are able

to reduce the number of accidents involving company employees – 3.5 times

to increase the residual value of each vehicle - 25%

to decrease fuel consumption - 60%

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