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Fleet tracking and analytics

SCOUT is a technological leader in the fleet tracking and management industry. Weperform a full cycle of works on development, production, sales and implementation of solutions for GPS monitoring and controlling of all types of vehicles and machinery.

The structure of the SCOUT group of companies includes software development, hardware manufacturing, sales and technical support units.







Fleet management solution

Our projects

Convenient software

Our solution allows you to control your vehicles both at the level of simple actions and plunging into detailed reports. For operational control, use a mobile application. We have specialized dashboards to work with a large fleet of vehicles.

Support many types of trackers

We produce our own equipment from the simplest trackers to high-performance video recording and analytics devices.
We respect the choice of our client, and that is why we support work with trackers from other manufacturers.
See the full list of supported devices below.

In-house R&D and Production

Industry Specific Solutions

Transportation and logistics
agricultural companies
warehouse logistics
oil and gas companies
construction companies
manufacturing and trading enterprises

Achievements of our clients

to reduce the number of accidents involving company employees – 3.5 times

to increase the residual value of each vehicle - 25%

to decrease fuel consumption - 60%