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analysis and management of transport
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SCOUT Group of Companies summarized the results of 2015

During the past year, the aggregate revenue of SCOUT has increased by 53%. The main factor of growth was the development of new opportunities for customers and partners. The greatest demand received: cloud system of satellite monitoring «SCOUT-365», fuel level sensor PetrolX and project development of software and hardware. For a year, the number of companies using SCOUT software and hardware has increased by 1955, reaching 9923.

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System SCOUT

SCOUT is a system of satellite monitoring, analytics and management of transport.

How does SCOUT

The system operates on the basis of GLONASS/GPS-technology and provides customers with accurate information about the fleet and specialized vehicles work. Along with the precise control of transport users get advanced analytics tools. As a result, this helps to make the right management decisions and to achieve superior results.

Using the System SCOUT you will be able:

  • to be always aware of the actual transport work
  • to improve the efficiency of logistics services
  • to improve the discipline of employees
  • to eliminate non-target voyages, mileage addition and downtime
  • to track the actual flow of fuel and prevent fuel fraud
  • to minimize the risks of vehicles theft and cargo pilferage
  • to reduce the level of accidents and increase the safety of personnel

The system can be effectively applied to fleets of any size and type. In order to begin to use it, you must install the monitoring equipment and software.

The operation principle of the System SCOUT.

GLONASS/GPS monitoring modules MT-700 are being installed on transport. Additional sensors of fuel level and consumption, working hours, mounted equipment condition and others may be connected to modules depending on your needs. The data from modules transmits to server, where it is processed at «SCOUT-Platform» software. System SCOUT users can view this data both on desktop computers and mobile devices online.

As a result of equipping the fleet with satellite monitoring system companies are able:

  • to increase logists and dispatchers work efficiency – more than 30%
  • to decrease fuel consumption – 10-40%
  • to decrease mileage– 10-40%
  • to decrease technical maintenance cost – 10%
  • to reduce the number of accidents involving company employees – 3.5 times
  • to increase the residual value of each vehicle - 25%
  • to reduce fleet maintenance costs – up to 40%

The average efficiency. According to a survey of SCOUT Group of Companies clients. Data from 2014.

For different fleet types the payback period for System SCOUT is from 3 to 12 months.

We will be glad to answer your questions about the system and offer the best solutions for your business.