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SCOUT Group of Companies summarized the results of 2015

During the past year, the aggregate revenue of SCOUT has increased by 53%. The main factor of growth was the development of new opportunities for customers and partners. The greatest demand received: cloud system of satellite monitoring «SCOUT-365», fuel level sensor PetrolX and project development of software and hardware. For a year, the number of companies using SCOUT software and hardware has increased by 1955, reaching 9923.

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Specialized vehicles. Performance and fuel consumption control

When choosing a GLONASS/GPS monitoring system it is necessary to know how good it accommodates specifics of the specialized vehicles work. Also, these conditions require high durability from the monitoring equipment. Industries where these vehicles are involved often use hourly mode, so it’s not profitable to allow downtime. But non-stop operation is also undesirable because it causes premature failure of expensive cars. It’s also clear that business gets detriment from the negligent or unprofessional use of heavy machinery. These and other features are foreseen as much as possible in the software and hardware of System SCOUT.

Transport monitoring modules MT-700 may be installed on any kind of specialized vehicles. These modules have a high degree of protection from technogenic and climatic factors. They are designed to operate under extreme temperatures, protected from dust and moisture, resistant to power surges and electrical noise and can withstand shaking without any problems. This reliable equipment is maximally protected from sabotage by the drivers. Satellite monitoring quality is achieved by high precision technologies and software from "SCOUT" Group of Companies.

Group of Companies’ solutions are maximally adapted to branch features of vehicle owners. For them in SCOUT-Platform software specialized reports and analytical algorithms are implemented, which are being finalized for specific requirements from customers.

Main results of using System SCOUT:

  • A significant fuel cost decrease
  • Exclusion of labor and machine time loss
  • Exclusion of unauthorized discharge of fuel and diversion work
  • Equipment reliability and vehicles resource increase
  • Machinists get paid only for actual time they worked
  • Improvement of efficiency of equipment operation
  • Labor discipline increase

By implementation of System SCOUT you will increase quality and efficiency of your fleet work at a short time.

For specialized vehicles payback period for System SCOUT is from 2 to 6 months.

Depending on fleet tasks, possibilities of System SCOUT may be expanded by installing additional devices, for example fuel level sensors, which allow to control fuel consumption and to prevent its stealing.

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