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SCOUT Group of Companies summarized the results of 2015

During the past year, the aggregate revenue of SCOUT has increased by 53%. The main factor of growth was the development of new opportunities for customers and partners. The greatest demand received: cloud system of satellite monitoring «SCOUT-365», fuel level sensor PetrolX and project development of software and hardware. For a year, the number of companies using SCOUT software and hardware has increased by 1955, reaching 9923.

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Integration with tachographs

Compliance with the requirements of the legislation without compromising profits is often a difficult task for the owners of vehicles. Now the problem is acute in companies are obliged, in accordance with the requirements of Order №36 and 273 Ministry of Transport, to equip its fleet with tachographs CIPF.

TachographTachograph - a control device, which is installed on vehicles to record the speed of work and rest of drivers and crew members. According to the requirements of the legislation, autoenterprise obliged to equip all trucks over 3.5 tonnes digital tachographs according to the approved order of equipment.

Purchase, installation and maintenance of tachographs require significant investments. In this regard, to the owners of fleets is several problems:

  • Time to install tachographs, avoiding the risk of getting a hefty fine or even administrative suspension of activity for up to 90 days.
  • Raise funds for tachographs and try to recoup their purchase.
  • Serve the tachograph, in particular, read the driver card at least 28 days, without stopping the production process.

Against the background of these challenges investments in optimization of the fleet, control of drivers, fuel consumption and increasing driving safety sidelined. Companies are not willing to spend the extra money even on a system of monitoring. In these difficult circumstances, the group of companies "SCOUT" has developed and offers its customers a new solution "Integration with tachographs," which will allow companies to fleet owners do not refuse to address critical business objectives and comply with the orders of Ministry of Transport 36 and 273.

The decision "Integration with tachographs" help:

  1. Save time and effort
    1 contractor, 1 tender and contract, 1 equipment
  2. Recoup the cost of purchasing tachographs
    by transport monitoring system
  3. Improve the efficiency of fleet management 
    using tools control drivers
  4. Improve transport safety
    by analyzing the driving style
  5. Cheapen the process of using tachographs 
    by automating unloading ddd-files
Тахограф АТОЛ Drive 5 + МТ-700 STD ATOL

Payback tachographs together with the decision, "Integration with tachographs" - from 5 months to 1.5 years.Payback tachographs without integration with monitoring systems - ever.

The decision "Integration with tachographs" consists of two types of specialized equipment and software.


Интеграция МТ-700 STD ATOL OPEN с тахографом ATOL Drive 5
Monitoring Module MT-700 STD ATOL, embedded in the tachograph ATOL Drive 5. This module is part of a range of equipment MT-700. Ideal as a base for transport monitoring and control of additional parameters, such as fuel consumption and safer driving. The advantage of this execution is a simple module installation.
Video: Integration with tachograph ATOL Drive 5
monitoring modules MT-700 Board integrate into the tachographLine monitoring modules MT-700 and MT-600, which are connected directly to the tachograph. This solution is optimal if the client previously has equipped its fleet System SCOUT. For those who use the tachograph ATOL Drive 5, developed a separate integration module that plugs into a special compartment of the tachograph and provides its interaction with the satellite monitoring system.
ScoutNetEquipment GC "Scout" is also integrated with other tachographs in which manufacturers will support the communication protocol ScoutNet. In this device must have an RS-485 interface.

The warranty on equipment "SCOUT" - 5 years.


Продукт СКАУТ-ПлатформаThe decision "Integration with tachographs" implemented on the basis of software "SCOUT-Platform" with plugins "Trips drivers" and "Uploading data from the driver card (ddd-files)." The first plug-in allows you to generate reports about the trips of individual employees using the personal identification of the driver card inserted in the tachograph. The second plug-in provides download information from the driver card in the online mode. This saves time and distracts from the main transport activities.

An example of the plugin "Uploading data from the driver card (ddd-file)»
An example of the plugin "Uploading data from the driver card (ddd-file)»
Sample report "The regime of work and rest"
Group report 'work and rest'
Group report 'work and rest' in shifts
Work and rest (individual)
Timelines of the driver by day
SCOUT 365Available in SCOUT 365
ScoutOpenIf the customer uses the software of other manufacturers, the decision of its tasks will open protocol ScoutOpen, supports most popular monitoring systems. It is supported by most popular monitoring systems, providing their interaction with equipment "SCOUT".

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