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SCOUT Group of Companies summarized the results of 2015

During the past year, the aggregate revenue of SCOUT has increased by 53%. The main factor of growth was the development of new opportunities for customers and partners. The greatest demand received: cloud system of satellite monitoring «SCOUT-365», fuel level sensor PetrolX and project development of software and hardware. For a year, the number of companies using SCOUT software and hardware has increased by 1955, reaching 9923.

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Fuel level sensor PetrolX

PetrolX sensor is designed for measuring the level of oil products in vehicle fuel tanks and fixed reservoirs.

FLS supports:

  • different petrol brands;
  • summer and winter diesel fuel;
  • other liquid oil products that keep their aggregate state within a working temperature range.

Fuel level sensor PetrolX Fuel level sensor PetrolX Fuel level sensor PetrolX

Design benefits

Doesn’t corrode or crack over time when exposed to mud or precipitation

Can’t be deformed during an installation into cragged or round tanks

IP 66 protection class

Doesn’t burn, provides a long and safe maintenance

High strength corrugation which won’t be damaged by any hits or deformations

Functional benefits

Can be connected to any monitoring module or tachograph

3 high precision interfaces in one sensor: frequency output, LLS digital output, ScoutNet digital output

Remote sensor configuration and firmware upgrade

Schemotechnical benefits

  1. Embedded safety circuit that protects from power surges up to 200 V.
  2. Full galvanic isolation of power supply circuits.
  3. Markers for sabotage determination.

Operating conditions

  • Ambient temperature: from -40 to +85 °C.
  • FLS doesn’t have any mechanical damage.
  • No mounting cable isolation damage.
  • Minimal length of a cut measuring part is 200 mm.
  • FLS is used only with liquid oil that keeps its aggregate state within a working temperature range.
  • Using low-quality fuel may cause an interruption of a measuring part and result in FLS’s malfunction.

Variations of PetrolX

The sensor is available in different variations, depending on its measuring part length:

  • PetrolX - 700 – 700 mm long
  • PetrolX - 1000 – 1000 mm long
  • PetrolX - 1500 – 1500 mm long
  • PetrolX - 2000 – 2000 mm long
  • PetrolX - 3000 – 3000 mm long

Installation benefits

A fast and clear configuration during an assembly of the sensor at the customer’s sites

Extended mounting holes for the sensor for 6 screws

Using a plug for the «Full/empty» calibration

An excluded possibility of filling the drainage wells with sealant

Replaces a broken fuel level indicator produced by a popular manufacturer

An ability to configure the sensor while it is powered by a laptop

A protection of the sensor’s body from possible damage by heavy objects

Ideal clamping of the sensor to the tank due to the stiffeners and six screws

Technical specifications

Fuel level sensor is designed for operating with vehicles and is powered by an on-board network with rated voltage 12 or 24 V. The sensor is used in monitoring systems with the direct connection to the monitoring module for gathering, accumulation and transmitting fuel level and temperature data, measured by the sensor.

In addition to fuel level, PetrolX measures ambient temperatures as well as controls operability of inner chains in electronic circuits as a matter of self-diagnostics.

Parameter Value
Power supply voltage, VDC 7…50
Useful current, mА, maximum 15
Power consumption, W 0,4
Overall dimensions, mm, maximum 73x80x(L+40)
Weight, kg, maximum 0,5 (L=700mm); 0,6 (L=1000mm); 0,75 (L=1500mm); 0,85 (L=2000mm); 1,1 (L=3000mm)
Output Frequency Range, Hz 10...10000
Ambient temperature limit, °С −40 ... +85
ОRelative humidity at 25 °С, % 30-80%
Ingress protection rating IP66
Inaccuracy for measuring the level, % ±1
Absolute error in a temperature measurement within the temperature measuring range, °С ±2
Temperature measuring range, °С −40 ... +85
Output interface for measured values - frequency output
- RS-485 (LLS protocol)
Baud rate, bits/s 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
Time interval for automatically transmitting data, sfor 1 - 255
Average service lifetime, years, at least 8


Metrological certificate (download)

Fuel level sensor Certificate of 29 April 2016 (download)